06-22-05: Irk v. 0.1 is Finally Released
03-01-06: Irk v. 0.2 Released
Click Here to Download!

Please post to the forum if you wish to contact the developer.
Installation Instructions
1. Download the latest version (link provided above).
2. Install all the necessary dependencies (listed below).
3. Create the Irk database in mysql (see file irk_db.sql).
4. Copy 'database.yml.example' to 'database.yml' in the 'config' directory
5. Add files to the database using 'scanner.rb' in the 'scanner' directory. The syntax should look like "scanner.rb /path/to/your/music". This step may take a while.
6. Start the player_server.rb script in the 'player' directory.
7. Start either WeBrick or apache to serve your page, open it in a browser.
8. Make sure icecast is running on the appropriate port... Enjoy!
If there are any questions or issues, please feel free to email me. - charlesg3 at gmail dot com.
Happy Irk'ing

What is it?
This project is a media streamer. It holds a collection of music files in a database. Users are allowed to create playlists from these files and edit existing playlists. Each playlist can separately be turned into a stream (currently uses icecast).


Ruby1.8 (or later) (of course)
Rails-0.11 or higher
GStreamer-0.8 (or later)
gst-plugin-shout2 ((0.8.9 or later)to output to shout/icecast)
gst-plugin-ogg (to play ogg files) gst-plugin-lame (to encode to mp3 before shout/icecast)
icecast-2.1 (or later)